Living, by Purpose, on Purpose

Life is a tapestry of intricate and complex things. The tapestry of your life is yours exclusively and is essential for you to lead an extraordinary life. Yet, in the current environment, we may think of life as confusing on any given day. To begin to make sense of it all, we need to understand the impact confusion has on our ability to live an extraordinary life.

What is common to all of our lives is the need for vitality and functionality. A part of what creates our distinction is how we develop our vitality and functionality. Confusion, by definition, is an act or event causing a disorderly combination of elements resulting in two things, identities lost and distinctions blended. Therefore, to make sense of this beautiful tapestry we call life, we must deal with these two dynamics: identity loss and the lack of distinction.

My university education prepared me for corporate success. However, I have discovered and have taught others you can be successful and not fulfilled. The term university is a concept which facilitates moving individuals to unity from diversity. It is the same concept as the motto on the seal of the United States, "E Pluribus Unum" - out of many, one. This concept teaches people what to think and not necessarily how to think and never prepares them to fulfill their life's purpose.  

I have learned it is your distinction that matters most. The former is an approach that stresses unity out of diversity. The strategy to fulfillment, the application of purpose over time, emphasizes diversity within unity and is necessary to achieve your destiny. It develops you, so your gift stands out and opens doorways for you to significant opportunities.

A reset to destiny is required to move you from confusion into clarity and focus. How you see yourself matters most to you. Our approach to recalibrate and reconfigure your self-image is simplistic and holistic:

  • Return order to your environment based on your purpose
  • Begin the journey of Self Discovery to discover the most perfect you
  • Develop the strategy to move you from success to fulfillment

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