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Technically Inclined

Developing People That Develop Enduring Organizations

Technically Inclined specializes in developing people that develop enduring organizations. In managing transformative change, to a preferred future, we translate your purpose, vision, and mission into organizational and operational life by implementing precise improvement efforts leading to results beyond the bottom line.

The Inclined Approach In the current environment, success is not stationary, change is exponential, and transformation and growth will not occur without change. However, all change is not progress, and in order to progress, we all must change. The Inclined approach creates the ability for an organization to form and re-form itself to meet the evolving challenges it will face while still creating value for itself and the customers it serves. The Inclined approach to development establishes an environment where excellence is defined and produces multigenerational success.

What we do In response to the multiple spheres of influence within every organization, we employ a holistic, integrated approach to development. Having methodological expertise in Leadership Training and Development, Organizational Development, and Operational Management, we leave little or nothing to chance. As a result, we manage change to the next level, making success predictable, stable, and repeatable. 

What we can do for you What is stimulating "Development" in you? We bring a fresh perspective to your organization, causing you to see new possibilities in your existing pursuits. We also facilitate the process of maturing, maximizing, and mobilizing the use of your existing resources. Our client list includes for-profit and nonprofit organizations, including ministries that stretch from North American to the Caribbean to Eastern Europe. These clients have all benefited from a Technically Inclined approach while creating their preferred future. 

The Quintessential You

Quintessence; funny word with a powerful meaning. The word originated in the early 15th century, during a time when ancient and medieval philosophers were attempting to define the elements that were considered to be the building blocks of existence at all levels, the universal forces upon which life depends. Their search led them to conclude that fire, air, water, and earth were four of these elements. Sometime later, Aristotle added the element “ether" and we have what came to be known as the purest element, the fifth essence, or quintessence.

Applying this to an individual, what would be the 5 essential components to discovering the purest or most perfect you? What are the five questions you would ask yourself to put you on a journey to high achievement, peak performance and personal mastery? These would be life’s five most important questions.

The Quintessential You is a principal based, self-discovery process designed to help individuals discover their natural approach to high achievement, peak performance, and personal mastery. In maximizing the answers to life’s five most important questions, the program is ideal for anyone with a desire or need for personal development: students, homemakers, professionals, leaders, or individuals in transition. The five questions are:

1. Identity - Who am I? We are created to be and do. It is important first to understand who you must be, in order to effectively engage in what you are created to do. As a pursuit, self-discovery will be one of your most significant, life changing experiences.

2. Source - Where do I come from? Your source defines your worldview and imparts identity, purpose, potential, and destiny that fashions you as a unique individual. The combined result of your ability to reflect and refract this impartation from your source creates your unique identity.

3. Purpose - Why am I here? Purpose is the original thought, will, and intent for something. Your purpose defines why your natural is most natural to and for you. This natural distinguishes your likes, dislikes, capabilities, and strengths. Purpose also determines the best environment for the most impactful release of your gifts, talents, and abilities.

4. Potential - What can I do? Being and doing facilitate your capacity for high achievement, peak performance, and personal mastery. However, all of your impactful doing - your consistent works of significance - is done through coming into an incontrovertible alignment with who you are and cooperating with the idiosyncrasies that are unique and natural to you.

5. Destiny - Why am I going where I am going? Destiny and a destination are quite different. A destination can be somewhere, anywhere, everywhere, and/or nowhere. Understanding why you are going makes all the difference in where you are going. A purpose-based destiny takes you beyond success to the place of fulfillment.

High achievement, peak performance, and personal mastery are not always associated with greatness, but they are with significance. Individuals can begin the most significant journey of their lives by engaging in the process of self-discovery to impact their sphere of influence with remarkable results.

The synergistic impact of applying the understanding of your identity, source, purpose, potential, and destiny in a strategic manner produces a strength-based transformative process for attaining high achievement, peak performance, and personal mastery. The process yields a focused life that produces engagement. It produces...

The Quintessential You, the most perfect you, You⁵ - You to the Power of 5.