Kingdom Life

Kingdom Life

Experience has taught me that lasting unity is achievable, but is uncommon. The dysfunction of unity is the norm.  We see this dysfunction daily in people we encounter, families we interact with, companies that employ us, and even our places of worship. On the grandest scale, it is the dysfunction of the governments we are forced to endure.  Despite all of this we are designed to live and function in community (common-unity).

What is this thing called community we are designed to live in? Our English word community is derived from the Latin term communitatus and is made up of three components. The prefix “Com” meaning with or together. The root “Munis” meaning changes or exchanges that link.  The suffix “Tatus” meaning diminutive, small, intimate, or local.  In other words, intimate groups of people facilitating the changes and exchanges of life in a way that links them together.

Every culture, from the first world to the third world, is governed by eight essential governing spheres of social culture.  There is one principal sphere and seven primary spheres. The Zàō Citadel is a kingdomcentric community, designed to establish and develop Spheres of Influence governed by King-Priest.  It is an intimate group of people facilitating the changes and exchanges of Kingdom life.  It is an environment where:

  • the Cosmos is Kingdom   
  • the Culture is Faith
  • the Currency is Words
  • the Curriculum is Self-Discovery
  • the Citizenship is King-Priest

It creates an atmosphere that facilitates the kingship of Jesus Christ. Our awareness of God’s sensitivity to geography and the placement of people and people groups. Our appointment to nations and kingdoms. The design, development, and preservation of Kingdomcentric life and culture. A system to develop and fortify the thoughts internally that create dominion externally that is not susceptible to the disturbance of outside influences

It communicates a Kingdomcentric message designed to fortify vertical and horizontal leadership on every level, people, and place.

These eight components functioning in synergy have the potential to transform you into the person of influence you were born to be.  To change the environment in the home where you live.  To enhance your organization's culture where you serve or work.  To change your community and ultimately transform a nation.