Calvin D. Brown

Calvin believes in Living, by Purpose, on Purpose. He has invested over 20 years in mentoring others to do the same. He is a developer of human capital, systems and processes, and enduring organizations. Calvin has a successful background in Fortune 100, nonprofit, and entrepreneurial environments with significant depth in Leadership, Organizational Development, and Operations Management beyond his technical insight in Engineering. Building on his background as an engineer, he utilizes a well-blended synthesis of leadership, innovation, technical expertise, and interpersonal skills, producing a reputation for solid achievement stretching from North America to the Caribbean and Eastern Europe. He is a trusted advisor and counselor to business, government, and religious leaders.

In addition to Calvin D Brown, Inc., he founded Technically Inclined and The Záō Citadel. This unique combination of skills creates an ability to establish purpose, fully develop human capital, and train leadership, all in an environment of Kingdom Life. This unparalleled approach to development enhances organizational and operational performance and profitability that accelerates growth and manages change to the next level while creating a preferred future.